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Sum, Sum, Summertime!

I haven’t had much time to post on here this summer, man the time just flew by… but since my last posting, well it’s sure way past ‘prime time’ for American shad.  This year’s hatch of juvenile shad are now spending their first summer in freshwater before swimming to the ocean in autumn. Those little baby shad are simply such a great food supply for the smallies in the river!

Speaking of smallies, now is a great time for later day top water action on the river, or a mixed bag trip for trout/salmon mixed in with largemouth/pickerel fishing over at Lake Aeroflex in Andover, NJ. That’s just a small sample of what we do and where we go to in NJ during the summertime.

Variety… it’s what truly differentiates us; because there’s always lots of summertime trip options with Fishin’ Fun Charters!

The Amercian shad season is here!

As we move past the mid-point of April, we are now looking at the optimal time for another fantastic American shad fishing season on the Delaware River!  This is indeed THE time of the year in the sections of the river that I fish for the annual American shad run.

There’s just something truly special about a big female American shad fresh from the ocean caught on one of my fly rods, or on an ultra light baitcasting rod, or on a 8′ long ‘whispy soft’ all fiberglass spinning rod… that makes for an absolutely incredible fishing experience.  Let’s not ignore the male of the species…. those smaller, yet much more acrobatic males, are a blast too!

I hope that you can make it out with me to enjoy this great fishing opportunity over the next month or so.  Check out my ‘Press’ tab for some fantastic video of this great sport!

If you want to pursue something else, then there are plenty of other types of trips Fishin’ Fun Charters runs…. including walleye and smallmouth fishing on the Delaware River, along with muskie, largemouth bass, and trout/salmon trips at various lakes in NJ.

Happy Holidays from Fishin’ Fun Charters

Happy Holidays to everyone!  Best of health and happiness in 2014!